Russian The harvest began to disappear from the garden, but when the owner saw the thief, he could not resist his charm


A resident of the American state named Jeff devoted a lot of time every day, caring for his small but cozy garden.

But one day the man began to notice that fruits began to disappear from the beds. And the ripest and most delicious specimens disappeared. And although this did not cause much damage to the farm, the gardener decided to find out who happened to steal from his garden.

The man installed a small camera that reacts to movements, which in a couple of days showed the true face of the furry thief. It turned out to be a wild groundhog – small, fluffy and very charismatic. He looked directly into the camera lens every time he chewed another vegetable. And it was very funny!

The man always treated animals well and this time did not take radical measures. Groundhog fascinated him so much that he decided not to chase him away. He surrounded the area with vegetables with an iron net, and for the thief he began to leave a treat next to the camera.

The groundhog was even given a name – Chuck. Over time, there have been a lot of records of Chuck eating the treat, and Jeff even created a YouTube channel to share these fascinating moments with people.

Jeff believes that the land on which the garden is laid out fully belongs to the groundhog too, because somewhere near his house.

“You have to learn to coexist peacefully and share what you have! Chuck pleases us with his presence and gives us a lot of positivity, and we treat him to vegetables.” – Shares Man

By the way, the cunning groundhog had a whole crowd of fans. The camera also captures sometimes as other marmots come to feed, and sometimes squirrels. But only Chas does it regularly.

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