Life with a Maine Coon. The owner of the “big cat” shared photos from everyday life


Maine Coon aren’t just cats. Those who have at least a little touch in life with these wonderful animals, understand what it is about.

External severity and impressive size are harmoniously complemented by good manners and innate intelligence of these cats. Adult are most often calm and measured. They, like the great sages, seem to have known the meaning of life and know everything about it.

The owner of a large cat named Lotus, decided to share ordinary, everyday photos that give a clear idea of living together with a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon, like faithful dogs, choose their owner and often follow him on his heels. Therefore, if a large lives in the house, then the size of the sofa should be appropriate.

Falling apart on the whole couch is no longer so easy.

Lotus likes to ask the hostess for a good treat when she cooks. And for this, he does not need to strain much.

By the way, when choosing a chair for the house, also do not forget to check whether it is too small for a fluffy pet.

Like many cats, Lotus likes to fall apart in the shell. But here’s the bad luck – the standard size was too small for a non-standard cat!

All the furniture in the house looks doll-like against the background of this handsome man!

When Lotus gets tired of harassing his owners, he goes out into the yard for a walk.

In the natural environment, the cat no longer seems so huge.

In the house, in addition to Lotus, there are two more Maine Coon. They are slightly smaller, but no less charming.

When choosing a Mei breed, you need to be prepared for double loads in terms of caring for the animal. But their incredible charm is a worthy reward for all their efforts!

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