How a huge dog with a weight of 70 kg became a foster father for homeless kittens


Every day on the street we see a picture of dogs feuding with cats. It would seem that they will never be able to find a common language and make friends, but there are in some families where the dog lives with the cat and they are inseparable friends. In today’s article, one amazing story is how a huge black dog named Corbin with a weight of 70 kg became a foster father for small kittens from the street.

The owner of Corbin one day saw small beautiful kittens that were starving without the mother of the cat and took them to her home for a while. At home, they were met by the dog Corbyn himself, who immediately accepted the kittens as his children. Corbyn, gladly helped the hostess to take care of the kittens and raise them. He watched them nights and days, played and fed them, and even put them to bed lying down next to them until all the kittens fell asleep and left them.

Kittens considered Corbyn their mother, next to whom they were safe and well.

All the neighbors of the house considered Corbyn a dangerous dog because of his large size, but in fact Corbyn was very kind and vulnerable, loving all his neighbors and children. On the street, he treated all the neighboring cats and dogs friendly and helped those who got into trouble. After some time, when the kittens safely grew up thanks to the love and care of Corbyn, they went to different houses to loving owners. Corbyn was glad that the kittens were happy, but at first he was very homesick for kittens, because he considered them for his children. Not always big dogs are evil dogs. And not always a cat and a dog are enemies.

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