A stray cat asked to go home to a woman to save her children


Even animals for the sake of their children are ready to do anything just to protect them from dangers. In this article, the story is about how one street, black cat every day came to one house and stood there until the mistress came out and saw her, after the mistress looked at her, she immediately left, but the next day she came again and did everything the same. On the 5th day, the cat still decided to come straight to the house and the hostess called her home to treat her to delicious food.

The cat came for a couple of days and was treated to delicacies and one day the woman drew attention to the cat, noticed that the cat was in a position and understood why the cat so carefully asked for her home. The cat was afraid and at the same time hoped that the people in this house were good and would save her children by allowing them to live at home in safety and warmth. A kind woman kept the cat and took care of it. The cat gave birth to two beautiful kittens. Neighbors, having learned about this story, immediately took kittens for themselves and took care of them, and the cat remained to live with this kind woman, who sheltered the cat by saving her children and herself.

Here is such an amazing and kind story of how a mother cat took care of the future of her children.

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