The veterinarian after examining the unusual kitten wanted to put him to sleep, but the owner refused and that’s what the kitten became


The story is about an unusual kitten, who was nicknamed grandfather. Why Grandpa? Read the story and find out.

In one woman, a cat gave birth to a kitten, an unusual kitten that looked like a grandfather because of its wrinkled face. The kitten’s paws were arched in the opposite direction, and the mouth was improperly formed. The kitten was not born alone, brothers and sisters were born, but they were born healthy and ordinary.

A kitten named grandfather could not live normally, because because of the improperly formed mouth, he could not break milk, and because of the arched legs it was normal to walk.

The owners could no longer watch the kitten’s torment and went to the veterinarian for an examination. After the examination, the veterinarian offered the owners to euthanize the kitten, as he believed that there was nothing to help the kitten, and he did not need torment. The owner could not agree to this, looking at the kitten, she realized that she did not want to lose it and would do everything to ensure that the kitten lived safely.

Luck smiled on them, they found one volunteer girl who knew well how to save a kitten. She said that the problem is that the kitten has short tendons and to fix this, you need to do special massages. The kitten bravely passed all the massage courses and after them began to look much better than he was at the examination at the veterinarian. The help of the volunteer girl helped the kitten a lot, the owners were happy.

In the photo below what the kitten became, after a course of massage:

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