Does a cat know how to resent a person and how can it do it?


We all think that cats are independent animals that do not need human attention and are never offended. That it is difficult to offend them with something, because they live their own lives, but this is not so, cats are still offended by a person and suffer from loneliness. Cats are primarily offended by the owners from the bad situation at home, if the owners, which is what they do, that swear. A cat in such an environment loses comfort and safety, is very upset and resents its owners.

Also, if the cat is happily waiting for the owner home from work all day, and the owner comes angry and tired, naturally he does not notice how the cat ran up to him and began to purr happily, the cat gets upset and leaves. The cat did not see the mutual joy of the owner from the meeting, the cat is hurt and sad.

What are the other main reasons for a cat’s resentment towards a person?

When she is beaten , the owner believes that cotton with a slipper will be an instructive lesson for the cat, so that she no longer climbs the table or scatters sand from the tray, but for the cat this is a big insult, she was beaten, and therefore not loved.

From loud screams – the cat does not tolerate when they are shouted loudly, it frightens them. Cats begin to hide in inaccessible places from the owners away.

If you do not pay attention to the cat for a long time, this also offends them. Cats suffer when they are not played or talked to, they begin to experience stress.

When the owner eats a delicious sausage in front of the cat, but does not share it – it also offends them. For a cat, it is like a betrayal that the owner does not share goodies with her.

How do cats show their resentment?

1. They stop coming to your call

2. The cat begins to go to the toilet past the tray, so it also scatters sand everywhere.

3. Tears toilet paper and wallpaper

4. Turns away from you when you want to pet her

5. Chases like crazy all over the room, as if crazy and jumps on the table

6. Refuses any food in front of you, but at night when you sleep, she goes to eat

These cats are characteristic animals with which it is better to be friends so that the apartment is in order.

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