A small fragile cat constantly came to one house and just sat. So she found a home and loving owners


Patience is the key to success. So thought one street fragile cat, which every day came to one house, sat down and just sat next to it. The cat did not meow, did not knock on the door, did not ask for anything from the owners of the house, but just sat in the same place. In the first two days, the hosts did not attach importance to this. Street cats walk everywhere and it is normal that they can walk in their yard. On the fifth day, the owners began to be surprised and think that the cat was most likely waiting for help.

The woman went out to meet the cat and saw that the kitten really needs care and attention. Her eyes festered, tormented by a runny nose and other small street sores.

The cat was very thin and in the first days agreed to eat only through a syringe. The owners of the house spared no time to take care of the fragile girl and in a few days they got used to her very much. On the first day when they first brought the kitty home, they thought that how they would cure her, they would start looking for a new home for her, but taking care of her for a few days they changed their mind about this decision and left her with them and called her Candy.

The candy was very affectionate to all members of the family, even to the cat Miki, who already lived in this house. Mikey was a bully and older than candy. And because she was younger, she followed the older Miki. I learned to take everything off the table, sharpen claws where you are not supposed to do it, steal food from the table and other cat pranks.

The woman who then went out into the yard to get acquainted with the candy was very glad that it came into their lives. They fell madly in love with the candy and did not regret a single day about their decision to keep it with them.

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