A man was “ambushed” by kittens when he stopped on the side of the road to save one


A man named Robert was driving along a deserted road and suddenly noticed a small kitten on the side of the road. Naturally, he stopped, because leaving such a baby here was dangerous.

The kitten approached the man without showing an ounce of fear. Robert examined the kitten and wanted to get back into the car with him, but then something happened that he did not expect.

Suddenly, kittens ran from the grass towards him. There were so many of them that the man groaned. With wild screams, colorful babies ran to meet their salvation.

It was so funny, like it was planned in advance. As if, initially, the smallest kitten was left in plain sight to be noticed, and then the rest came out of their “ambush”.

Apparently, someone just took the cortinets to certain death, which is a crime, but, unfortunately, it is not easy to find out who exactly did it. While Robert was thinking about the fact that there are still such disgusting people in the world who are capable of low deeds, kittens literally plastered his legs.

He counted only 13 kittens, from at least 3 different litters. One by one, he took soap and put them through the window into his car. Things had to be postponed that day, and Robert took all the orava to his home.

Robert’s wife was also, to put it mildly, shocked by this “addition”, but she understood that her husband had made the right decision, that he had taken the babies. A real person wouldn’t do anything else. Together they washed the kittens, fed them and placed them in the garage.

Robert shared a video with such a gorgeous find on his social network, and it had a lot of coverage. Many acquaintances, friends and just not indifferent people responded to the call for help of a man. Very quickly for most kittens there were good hands – after a couple of days 11 out of 13 kittens left for new homes. The remaining 2 kittens needed a little medical help, after which they will also be selected the best owners.

“I want people to realize that despite the hardships in the world, there are still many people doing nice deeds without expecting anything in return,” he said.

Robert said.

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