13 cases when owners left their pets at home alone and bitterly regretted it (photos)


Loneliness for animals is unbearable torture. Being separated from its owner, the pet, as if by magic, is able to reincarnate as a formidable destroyer. At the same time, the pet does not cease to love you less. Therefore, leaving your furry friend alone with yourself, be prepared for various consequences. This, of course, does not happen to all animals. But they, like people, have their own temperament. You can stock up on various toys that will temporarily distract the bully from furniture or flowers, but this usually does not always work.

Most importantly, understand that the animal does not do this out of malice, but as a consequence of the stress of separation. Therefore, do not swear much if you see something like this:

“Do with me what you want, because I have already won”

The advice was to get a dog. The said it would be enjoyable.

“I taught the cat to use the toilet. I think he learned very well.”

“Fluffy Bandit”

“Welcome home. How was your day?”

The kittens decided that a roll of toilet paper was a very fun toy.

This dog has taught a valuable lesson to those who leave the animal and the robot vacuum cleaner in the same room.

He’s clearly very happy with himself.

“This is the first thing I saw today when I opened my eyes”

When I went to the movies and came back 3 hours later.

“We were unable to enjoy the window view due to these bushes”

“Beautifully turned out” – the dog is proud of his work.

Thank you. We wish you well!

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