The story of a pancake cat who was born without front two paws. How was her fate?


The family in which the kitten was born seeing that he was born not perfect, without two front paws they wanted to go and put him to sleep in the veterinary clinic. Pancake was an active and cheerful kitten who knew how to play, eat and go to the tray as he should.

Randomly, a kind girl named Megan learns about the kitten. She found the address of the family where the kitten was and went after him.

Since the kitten was with special needs, Megan began to look on the Internet for information on how to care for such a kitten. And she came across one source that told about the cat Mercury who was also born without front paws and he got a good reputation. His story has greatly inspired Meghan. She began to watch all the videos of Mercury, how he, despite the fact that he did not have front paws, lived a happy life and did not even realize that he was somehow special. Thanks to Meghan’s care and attention, Pancake blossomed before our eyes.

The cat very quickly learned to live with the help of one leg. Around the house, the pancake moves either with slow steps, or jumps like a bunny and thus gets to the right place. He likes to stand like a kangaroo and deftly jumps on the couch and bed.

When a pancake wants to play with Megan, he starts jumping around her and Megan can’t refuse such a handsome man. When the pancake gets tired, she lies down and straightens to her full height and arches her back in the shape of the letter C.

Megan says that pancake feels like a happy cat and loves to show love to her. Megan created a pancake page on Facebook, where she posted interesting moments from his life and his new skills.

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