The man saved the wounded swan, and he returned to him a few months later


In the UK, a man named Rob was boating on a river near his home. In the thickets near the shore, he noticed a small swan. The chick was wounded and weak, and there were no more birds nearby. The man decided to take the swan to himself so that he would not die.

He cured and came out the chick, while devoting a lot of time to it. Rob admitted that even at night the swan did not want to be alone in the box and screamed, and when he took him to his bed, he immediately fell asleep. The man took Cindy (as he called the swan) with him when he was sailing on a boat.

The swan became very attached to the man, perceiving him, apparently, for his mother.

He also befriended Rob’s puppy. There was no problem with that.

After a couple of months, Cindy grew up, and Rob decided to transfer her to a special community, where they nurse and prepare her for life in the natural environment of wild birds.

Imagine my surprise when, a few months later, Rob got a call asking him to take Cindy back. According to the staff of the center, she did not want to adapt at all, was very homesick, and recently began to refuse to eat.

Rob arrived, and Cindy immediately reacted to his voice. It was a very touching moment.

I had to take the swan back! Rob admitted that deep down he also missed his feathered girlfriend. Experts gave the man advice on the content. Gradually, Cindy got used to the River and began to stay there for the night.

The man visits her daily, and together they take long walks on the river, Rob in the boat, and Cindy always swims nearby.

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