The happy transformation of a mongrel who was afraid to look at people (photos)


This story once again proves that only one random photo can radically change fate and give a homeless mongrel a chance for a full dog life.

This mongrel, nicknamed Clementine, was picked up by animal control officers on the streets of Southern California. The dog was severely emaciated, practically could not move. No one hoped that the mongrel would survive, after 2 days she was to be put to sleep.

The future owner of Clementine Elizabeth accidentally saw a photo of a mongrel on the Internet. She immediately called the rescue service and went to get acquainted with the dog. Employees of the service were very touched that someone was interested in Clementine. Volunteers said that in this state, the dog will have a very difficult and unpredictable path. But Elizabeth was already determined that she would do everything possible to help Clementine.

The dog was afraid of all people, did not look at anyone. It was clear that the mongrel had never known the love of the owner. “She was trembling all the time, hiding behind furniture and sitting facing the wall for months,” the hostess said in an interview with DoDo. “She had defeated, empty eyes. She never looked at our faces and bowed her head whenever we approached her or were near her.”

Despite the fact that Clementine did not trust people, she quickly found a common language with her new furry brother Klenu and sister Lucy. With them, Clementine spent time with pleasure and went for a walk in the yard. Several months were needed for the owner to treat severe infections and adapt the dog. Finally, Clementine stopped turning away from people and looked into the eyes of her mistress.

Elizabeth observed, “Now she enjoys looking us in the eyes when we stroke her and is quite attentive when we talk to her.

Clementine became like an ordinary, curious and playful dog. She loves affection and gladly substitutes her tummy for stroking. The hostess adds, “Clementine wants more, and she will push you by the hand if you don’t massage her or if you stop.”

The main thing is that Clementine now feels safe in a new house with loving owners.

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