The dog irritated the owners by constantly opening the door to the baby’s room, but one day it saved baby’s life


It is believed that the main “openers” of all doors in the apartment are cats. But in our true story today, the role of a malicious silence breaker in the house was taken by a dog named Henry.

The little “controller” was very attached to his youngest daughter, who was still an infant. He often went into her room and checked to see if everything was okay, which often irritated the hostess. After all, laying the baby down was sometimes not easy.

On the ill-fated day, the child was a lot of capricious and, when she managed to rock, the mother exhaled with relief. She closed the door to the girl’s room and went about her business. But Henry, as usual, began to open the door to the child, scraping his claws.

The woman cleaned him up three times and wanted to punish him, but the dog ran to the door again and again with an excited look. For the fourth time, he managed to open the door, and he immediately rushed to the crib. The hostess rushed after him, but her gaze stopped on her daughter’s face. It was unnaturally bluish in hue, and breathing was hoarse and intermittent. It took about 7 minutes to get to the nearest hospital.

Doctors helped the child in time, clearing the respiratory tract, and she survived. But if the dog had not reacted in time and attracted attention, the story could have ended sadly.

Since then, Henry is no longer forbidden to open the doors, and in general the owners idolize him, because he saved the life of their child.

Thank you! Be attentive to your pets, because sometimes they want to tell us something. See you next time!

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