The shelter dog learned to smile, and this helped him become a home (photos)


A shelter dog named Cheech, like all stray dogs, probably dreamed of a happy and well-fed time when he would be a beloved and pet.

But not all dogs that get into the shelter find good hands. The “stuck-up “‘s” future is frequently hopeless.

Baby Cheech was initially slightly aggressive and distrustful. When they wanted to take a picture of him, he gritted his teeth. And who needs an evil dog? Therefore, the shelter believed that the chances of attaching Cheech were zero.

But one day something happened, and when the photographer approached the dog once again, he began to pose in front of the camera and even smiled.

The photo was posted on social networks, and it immediately became viral. Users spoke with affection about the dog, and there were many who wanted to take it for themselves.

The shelter staff had to choose among the applicants. They chose a woman who recently had a dog with cancer.

When the potential owner came to the shelter, Cheech literally “kissed” her. He was very affectionate and polite, immediately befriended his future girlfriend. And the shelter gladly gave the dog to the new owner.

Now you can not worry about his future, because he lives perfectly. A beloved dog no longer grinds its teeth from fear and mistrust. He smiles at every opportunity, simply because he is happy.

Thank you. We wish you well!

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